mardi 30 octobre 2012

40K Nurgle Army

I think I've previusly mentioned this army but have not posted any pictures. Well that is going to change !

I painted this army several months ago but didn't Quik Shade it until a couple of days ago. I am not completly happy about my paintjob but it will have to do. The paint job is my own fault because I wanted to do all of the army very quickly working on the bases that this is the backbone of the army and I shall add various units as time goes by. I will still Quik Shade but I think I'll probably paint them white since I love the Plaguebones army at . I have no pretentions to paint anywere near that well but I think a white and dark green army will look great maybe even add the colour difference to the army fluff (ie: betalions or somesuch).

It is rather unluky that just as I finish my army I have to add a Heldrake and a couple of Forgefiends (that I shall magnetised like my defiler because I'm damed If I'm bying 4 !) just to keep up. I don't like the helldrake at all so I shall either convert it into a Hellraisor style flyer or use a count as. So they will probably be in the white colour scheme. Plus a Codex and converting some more HQ figures because as I understand it there are some HQ changes. I have some second hand raptors to strip and paint but am still a little unshure as I think raptors can allso be warptalons and I don't know if the difference is in the assembly of the models or purely in the rules, knowing GW I'm gessing in the model assembly, but hey I can dream...

Enough of my ramblings, here are the photos.

Complete army, from left to right: 3 Obliterators, 1 Defiler, 3 Rhinos, 30 SM (with 2 plasma, 4 meltas and 3 champs), 2 Demon princes (1 with wings), 6 termies+ 1lord in termie armor and finaly 3 more Oblits




 Rhino squad 1

 Close up Oblits 1

 Close up Oblits 2

 Defiler with magnetised arms

Rhino squads 2 and 3

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