lundi 15 octobre 2012

Alkemy madness !

Just come back from my friends birthday weekend and took the opertunity to play some Alkemy, this time using alchemy rules (magic). I didn't think it was that important realy to beggin with because it seemed so much easyer to bash my enemies to death in melee but it can be realy usefull in this game. Some spells deal damage wich won't generaly kill an aponent but it will change him to yellow or red at the very least (read previus post if new to alkemy) but allso can do simple things that realy change the game on a hole. Because alkemy is played with few models and the way the system works, little things aren't that little. I've made some component (used for casting spells) markers for my alchemists and will post them next time.

Here are a couple of photos of the game:

 First game, I was mentaly unprepared for spells and thort I'dd wing it... I lost....

 Second game, I thort about it a bit more, decided to play hardly any spells because I still was unshure how to use them succesfully but made shure to respect distances from his alchemists. On a hole a better game plan, I won but it was tight.

 My prep table, tis' a little tight.

 A close up of my foliage. This is for all games but I'm using my new Triade warband to motivate me.
I've allso got a budda to paint to tie the hole thing in (pictures hopfully in next post).
My new warband, Triade.

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