mardi 24 mai 2011

Cheap toys make very cheap models !

Bought a couple of boxes full of toy military vehicles and scenery for 7€ each. Couldn't help getting them at that price and I am very happy with them.

As I bought two boxes I have two of everything. Here's a quick rundown:

2x Humvee's with canvas tops (all the vehicles have great detail and need little work)
2x Army buses
2x Canvas truck
2x Small canvas truck (like a medic truck)
2x Fuel truck
2x Harriers (the planes will be likely used as objectives to destroy)
2x F15 style plane
2x Small stealth bomber (probably use that as a drone or convert into one man star fighter)
2x Large rocket, watch tower, corrugated style military building and various other odds and ends

I'll be using the vehicles for some MNU style futuristic District 9 game and the rest will be for modern Afghani/Iraq games.
I'm still working on my rule system but progress is slow and I have to admit to being tempted to try a Gruntz and Ambush alley game soon. My only problem is to find someone to play with...


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