mardi 30 octobre 2012

40K Nurgle Army

I think I've previusly mentioned this army but have not posted any pictures. Well that is going to change !

I painted this army several months ago but didn't Quik Shade it until a couple of days ago. I am not completly happy about my paintjob but it will have to do. The paint job is my own fault because I wanted to do all of the army very quickly working on the bases that this is the backbone of the army and I shall add various units as time goes by. I will still Quik Shade but I think I'll probably paint them white since I love the Plaguebones army at . I have no pretentions to paint anywere near that well but I think a white and dark green army will look great maybe even add the colour difference to the army fluff (ie: betalions or somesuch).

It is rather unluky that just as I finish my army I have to add a Heldrake and a couple of Forgefiends (that I shall magnetised like my defiler because I'm damed If I'm bying 4 !) just to keep up. I don't like the helldrake at all so I shall either convert it into a Hellraisor style flyer or use a count as. So they will probably be in the white colour scheme. Plus a Codex and converting some more HQ figures because as I understand it there are some HQ changes. I have some second hand raptors to strip and paint but am still a little unshure as I think raptors can allso be warptalons and I don't know if the difference is in the assembly of the models or purely in the rules, knowing GW I'm gessing in the model assembly, but hey I can dream...

Enough of my ramblings, here are the photos.

Complete army, from left to right: 3 Obliterators, 1 Defiler, 3 Rhinos, 30 SM (with 2 plasma, 4 meltas and 3 champs), 2 Demon princes (1 with wings), 6 termies+ 1lord in termie armor and finaly 3 more Oblits




 Rhino squad 1

 Close up Oblits 1

 Close up Oblits 2

 Defiler with magnetised arms

Rhino squads 2 and 3

mardi 23 octobre 2012

As promissed, more Alkemy

I'm not making or taking many WIP or 'how to' photos as I don't realy know what interest you. So please feel free to make coments or requests and I will see what I can do. At the very least I shall better explain if necessary. 
As I mentioned in a previous posts here are several photos to show you what I've done or got finished.

 These are 'Rabatteurs', between a basic fighter and a peasant they moove slightly faster than other members of my force and allso are able to take potshots with slings.

Theses are my component (earth) markers. With a rabatteur in there for scale.

My budda statue repainted, jungle vegetation and some figures in there for scale. 

Same as obove but close up.

lundi 15 octobre 2012

Alkemy madness !

Just come back from my friends birthday weekend and took the opertunity to play some Alkemy, this time using alchemy rules (magic). I didn't think it was that important realy to beggin with because it seemed so much easyer to bash my enemies to death in melee but it can be realy usefull in this game. Some spells deal damage wich won't generaly kill an aponent but it will change him to yellow or red at the very least (read previus post if new to alkemy) but allso can do simple things that realy change the game on a hole. Because alkemy is played with few models and the way the system works, little things aren't that little. I've made some component (used for casting spells) markers for my alchemists and will post them next time.

Here are a couple of photos of the game:

 First game, I was mentaly unprepared for spells and thort I'dd wing it... I lost....

 Second game, I thort about it a bit more, decided to play hardly any spells because I still was unshure how to use them succesfully but made shure to respect distances from his alchemists. On a hole a better game plan, I won but it was tight.

 My prep table, tis' a little tight.

 A close up of my foliage. This is for all games but I'm using my new Triade warband to motivate me.
I've allso got a budda to paint to tie the hole thing in (pictures hopfully in next post).
My new warband, Triade.

jeudi 11 octobre 2012

2nd ever game of Alkemy

Well, 2nd and 3rd ever gamer of Alkemy :)

Kevin and me had a couple of games without using alkemy (magic to you and me) just to get the mecanics right in our heads and made some mistakes along the way but thats just how it goes.
I realy enjoy Alkemy because it's quite diferent in the way it's fairly complex in possibilities but remarcably simple in use.
Just to give you a little idea. What makes alkemy a little different is the combat cards and special dice. The special dice are great because they add a new element to the gaming system. To those who have no knowledge of the Alkemy sytem there are three colours (White, yellow and red) of life points,  white is healthy, yellow wounded and red near death. The colour of your health dictates your dice for play (combat, shooting, reflex....) and each colour is different:

_ white:      1,2,3,4,5,6
_ yellow:    1,2,3,4,4,5
_ red:         1,2,3,3,4,4

So as you get more and more wounded the less you can succeed. Makes sens realy...
The other thing about the dice is that each side has a little weapon symbol wich tells you what damage they have dealt if the attack is a succese.
The combat acrds is rather interesting as well. There is a total of five cards (Iddle, Parry, Quick attack, Normal attack and Brutal attack). I'm not going to go into detail but suffice to say that each has an advantage if you gess or bluff correctly againt the choice of your oponent.

Here are some photos of the games:

 Here you can see the cards

Avalonian Garlan of Brall fighting an Aurlok Totem (I think)
 Avalonian possy 1 ready for battle

 Avalonian possy 2 ready for battle
 Aurlok possy 1
Aurlok possy 2

I have asked Kevin to take an overall photo of his warband as soon as they are finished and I shall post it on the blog.


vendredi 5 octobre 2012

Alkemy, Avaloniens and varnish...

I've only played Alkemy once with my friend at a games show at Nice (France) and that was the year it came out. Well a few years have gone by and me and my friend have decided to start playing seeing as we enjoyed it a lot and it was quite cheap (very important). So we both made a pact to finish them before summers end and I nearly got there, only a couple of weeks out...
So, I finaly finished them, but not without some tears along the way.
I've made quite an effort painting theses even if I did use Quik dip. My time was mainly spent thinking about a colour scheem and STICKING with it and of corse in painting them.
I went for white and green to give them a puritanical/crusade look and ground them in the mossy/northen climate.
I touched them up a bit after diping aswell just to make ereas pop a bit and then I varnished them.... And then  came very close to smashing them all out of rage because my spray decided to do a matter than mat finish, a kind of frosty effect when drying. After calming down a bit and walking away I went over them in some areas and am just going to live with it.
I based them in my favorite way, grey rock and green grass.

There are a couple of none Alkemy figures in there, a Bretonian sorceres standing (quite lovely) in for Caelina and an old Empire ( I think ) GW figure standing in for Questing Knight.

That meens that I'm still missing afew figures to complete a full cilection but it's not a bad start and certanly enough to start playing.

The photos:

 Full groupe



 Back left

The chief