mardi 24 mai 2011

Cheap toys make very cheap models !

Bought a couple of boxes full of toy military vehicles and scenery for 7€ each. Couldn't help getting them at that price and I am very happy with them.

As I bought two boxes I have two of everything. Here's a quick rundown:

2x Humvee's with canvas tops (all the vehicles have great detail and need little work)
2x Army buses
2x Canvas truck
2x Small canvas truck (like a medic truck)
2x Fuel truck
2x Harriers (the planes will be likely used as objectives to destroy)
2x F15 style plane
2x Small stealth bomber (probably use that as a drone or convert into one man star fighter)
2x Large rocket, watch tower, corrugated style military building and various other odds and ends

I'll be using the vehicles for some MNU style futuristic District 9 game and the rest will be for modern Afghani/Iraq games.
I'm still working on my rule system but progress is slow and I have to admit to being tempted to try a Gruntz and Ambush alley game soon. My only problem is to find someone to play with...


mercredi 18 mai 2011

Axles and Alloys 2

Well, well,
Here I go again, as soon as I had I fallen across this blog and printed out the rules I rummaged thrue my bits box and came up with six little cute death mobiles. Very easy to do, it took me just under 4 hours to assemble and paint them, so it it very easy for any body to start this game.

Here are the pics,

Group photo with those two little terrain pieces painted up.

Light buggy's

Medium cars

Heavy trucks.

Thow they are a little OTT I'm hoping to be able to use them for more 'serious' post apoc games. I'll be testing the game tomorrow and will post an update.


mardi 17 mai 2011

1st FOW game

 I managed to get a Flames of War game in on monday with a friend. Well a lot of rule mistakes were made during the game and most seem to go against me but that is in part my own fault (always read the manual). My Crocodiles got destroyed within turn three because we misread the rules and gave them a frontal armor of 7 instead of 13 ! We both played the command distances wrong which made the scenario difficult to play. I also had no idea what any of my units were like so I placed them badly. But all that said I had a great time and will learn most diligently from the mistakes made.
Any way here are a couple of photos.

Over all game layout.

The hand of god.

A Stuka picking of one of my units.

Not playing the game right was a little frustrating but I quite enjoy the rule set (lucky as I've just painted an army...). I foretell more games and scenery in the future.


vendredi 13 mai 2011

Normandy at last !

Well it feels that way.

Without further adue, the beginnings of my Normandy/pan northern European village. I still have two houses that I'll probably mount on an L shape plot.

Seems OK scale wise to me, maybe a little small but you live with what you've got. I'm missing a church, WW1 memorial (in the works), café and maybe a couple of other things but as I said in my previous post,  I'm trying to do it cheap so finding all that cheap is going to take a while.


sci-fi truck

Got a great little truck from a toy store. It's not only pretty much to scale, futuristic looking but allso has some cool cargo.

The cargo is made up of a removable 3 different colour bin set and two recycle containers! Wow I never knew I could get so exited about bins...

 I'll be mounting the three bins and two containers on generic urban bases. Oh, and a GZG trooper for scale.


lundi 9 mai 2011

More terrain

I've got a bit of spare time at the moment so I've been trying to get some ideas and previusly started stuff out the way. A while back I picked up some driftwood on the beach thinking it would make great rocky outcrops. The advantages of making rocks like this are pretty good as it's free, extremly light and needs no work apart from painting. The only disandvantage is that it's a litle flaky, to try and remedy this I've put a ton of puraty seal on it to try an bind it a little. Anyway here's the progress...

Bark with just primer

Finished overall pic with my alien egg/rocks

As you can see I've started a couple of other terrain pieces, a chem lake and a generator/pumping station. I'll post some more pictures of those when there finished. I'm waiting for GZG to start taking orders again as the last time I ordered I forgot to get some doors. So all my industrial stuff is waiting in a box as I don't want to start assembly and end up with a load of half built stuff with nowere to store it.


dimanche 8 mai 2011

Miniture Catalan architecture

So I was in the center of town (Montpellier) today and came across an interesting exibition. The idea was to show people Catalan (Franco/Spanish border) architecture in a 3D format. Well I should have taken more fotos but didn't... Oh well, live and learn !

I don't know what the scale was, something like 40mm but I'm not realy sure. Anyway I just wanted to share what I thort was some very good modeling.


vendredi 6 mai 2011

Tomica roads

Ok, so whilst mooching around other blogs I came across a great and cheap idea for roads at . Well as that was for a 28mm game I wanted to see the product in the flesh as such and found what I was looking for at my local toy store and grabed two packs because, well just because.

Here is a moke up on the kitchen table with no ground mat so imagin the red with a pavement like colour.

I think it works realy well myself. All in all the buildings and roads fit together well IMHO. I shall add some dirt and varius staines to the card and maybe some manholes so as to tame down the new toy look.

 All I need now are vehicles, a park, car park and varius other details.


jeudi 5 mai 2011

Alien scenery

Ok, so I never stay on one project for long and end up finishing a project after having started several others in the mean time... At least it got done!

Well because all my pics are taken by mobile phone, lighting, colour and focus seem to be a bit random. What I meen to say is that the coulours a lot more vibrant when seen in person.
Old Crow Goana for scale

GZG trooper for scale.

Same as previus.

Silly as it seems I had only considered these as alien plantlife or weird geological phenomena but as a friend pointed out they do rather look like the eggs in the ALIEN films, well theres an idea for for you (and by you I meen me).