mardi 17 mai 2011

1st FOW game

 I managed to get a Flames of War game in on monday with a friend. Well a lot of rule mistakes were made during the game and most seem to go against me but that is in part my own fault (always read the manual). My Crocodiles got destroyed within turn three because we misread the rules and gave them a frontal armor of 7 instead of 13 ! We both played the command distances wrong which made the scenario difficult to play. I also had no idea what any of my units were like so I placed them badly. But all that said I had a great time and will learn most diligently from the mistakes made.
Any way here are a couple of photos.

Over all game layout.

The hand of god.

A Stuka picking of one of my units.

Not playing the game right was a little frustrating but I quite enjoy the rule set (lucky as I've just painted an army...). I foretell more games and scenery in the future.


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