lundi 27 juin 2011

Pre-Fab colony

I've been collecting some St Moret (cheese spred) boxes to make a pre-fab colony. They're plastic with a card cover that I've soaked and scratched off. As soon as my GZG order came true with the doors I ordered I got stuck in. Well not too stuck in as I'm going as always simple and not too complicated.

I've gone for a Bar, two generic buildings and a generator style building. I may add on a little more detail before I paint them but the general idea is there. I've used some bit's I've had lying around and plastic card for the windows. There's an upturned lip around the bases that I was going to remove but have decided to leave because I think it probably adds stability and doesn't really detract from the over all look. 

Here is a scale photo:

C&C is welcome if any one is out there...


dimanche 26 juin 2011

Latest read ''Embedded'' by Dan Abnett

Since reading the Gaunts ghosts series I've really got into Dan Abnett. Since, I've read the Eisenhorn trilogy and Horus rising. Even if you are not into 40k, the Gaunts Ghosts series has a sertain realism and the Eisenhorn trilogy is gritty and full of details which make it more believable than most other 40k books IMHO.

''Embedded'' is a great read, full of action and detail that seems not so different from modern day conflicts. I recomend it to any one planing or playing an RPG or a Wargame in a gitty frontier sci-fi  game.
And the cover is realy cool !


lundi 20 juin 2011

Size is an issue.

Well since my previous post I've been looking at what I've got for my 15mm forces and decided to follow up on what I said previously about GZG vehicle sizes and I'm going to store them away somewhere for 10mm or something like that (check out the previous post for size comparison).
I really prefer Old Crow vehicles as they are better sized for 15mm and have a robust feel to them.
Having said all that I really like GZG infantry and have absolutely no complaints about them and will be using them as my main infantry retailer.

I'm not getting much done at the moment to post about but will be soon hopefully.


lundi 13 juin 2011

More Old Crow

Ladies and mainly gentlemen,

I have to say that I am really impressed with Old Crow products. I've just received (a little late but, meh whats the rush?) my latest Old Crow order !
The quality is great as I have already mentioned in previous posts. The size of the vehicles is way better than the GZG vehicles that are just too small for my liking. I don't know why GZG's are so small, they almost seem made for 10mm...
And apart from the complementary hand signed ''With complements'' form that I think is a great touch and always gives me a smile when I open a parcel from Old Crow I got a sample set of three infantry miniatures. I'm actually quite impressed with them, they seem well scaled, thow a little bit skinny but however nicely detailed. They've got a a very near future look to there weapons, a sort of bullpup design with grenade launcher and side picatinny rails. They've got motorbike like helmets and only small parcels and bags on them making me think more of an armed police force than proper soldiers. As always I feel most infantry miniatures, even GZG and others is that they never seem to have any backpacks, now this is very minor as one can come up with all sorts of mundane explanations  and can see soldiers patrolling in Afghanistan with little gear but I rather like the Falklands look with big bags on them saying 'this is all I've got and I'm all the backup I'm getting'.

The lot:

A comparison pic of GZG vs Old Crow:

I'll be hopefully posting progress on some of these vehicles and my 15mm progress...


mercredi 8 juin 2011

Have I missed something?

Just wathced Avatar again and like many others out there I loved and still love Avatar. OK so you can get Sci-fi marines in 15mm and versions of exosceletal walkers (not all to my liking but Micropanzer and Kharusan are getting there), still nothing as cool as the Avatar ones or as massive as in ALIENS. Where are the Na'vi like models? Tall humanoids flying and riding on alien beasties?
GZG offer Crustys, and I think we can all tell were they come from. Infact I shall be ordering some in the near future to run a futuristic version of the film.

Well, anyway, thats my rant over...


AT43 bits and a Tau army in the making

Well, I couldn't help my self from ordering some AT43 stuff of the net at discount prices. For those not in the know AT43 was a Rackham game. They have now gone bust and the models can be found pretty cheap on the net. Probably like a lot of people I have looked at the Karman army and thort they would make a great auxiliary unit to a Tau army so I've given it some thort and bought the following.

The 4 large vehicles behind will be the Devilfish/Hammerheads, the 3 smaller ones Pirahnas, the two front infantry units made up of three models will be Stealth suits, the 4 units of three gorillas will be crisis suits and finally the 2 groups of two gorillas with double canons on there shoulders will be broadsides. The rest in the top right are left overs to the mused with.
I'm going with a snow/tundra look and will only be doing slight repaints on infantry and complete repaints on the vehicles as they are going to take a lot of converting.
I'll be using GW kits for the main Tau infantry and going with the idea that on ice worlds they use a Gorilla like auxiliary force.
I'm still struggling to come up with a credible alternative for kroots as they just look wrong for a cold climate (wookies?).
I've looked high and low and only found one other person on the net that has done something like this but only converted the gorillas to crisis suits so if anyone has got any extra info, pics or ideas they are more than welcome.

You can see the Broadsides in the background as well as a close up of the Pirahnas. Ill be continuing the shoulder piston things on the crisis gorillas with the Tau infantry and painting them in the same tones. And my Stealth suits don't need a lot of work maybe an antenna and decal?

And for my more generic sci-fi games here are two small forces.


Guess who are the goodies !

On a side note I'll be testing my rule system again some time soon and posting it hopefully...


dimanche 5 juin 2011

Just got back !

Sorry about there being no posts recently but I was on holiday in England and Wales. I shall be posting some more stuff soon. Stay tuned (if any one is reading this ...).