mardi 29 mars 2011

More stuff


I don't seem to be getting a lot done at the moment but I think that is going to change as the days get brighter and longer. But I have managed to paint my FOW bases, QuickDip my remaining models and shall soon be flocking and detailing. I'm getting a bit borred with this project so I'm hopping to get some realy good games under my hat when i've finished.

Plus I have received a couple of 15mm orders from OldCrow and GZG, so I thort I'd share my thorts and plans.Here is a general view.

Ok, so basically on the left you have OldCrow and on the right GZG. First impressions of OldCrow is that there are great models and are very light ! Well I supose that's resin for you, and for me that is a definate plus. And GZG are great quality models, with great poses and bisicly what you expect from them.
A little mix here to show you that OldCrow munition boxes fit the hover mule from GZG and I might get a few to use as objectives. On a more random note the spider drones are not only very cool but would make great 28mm robot hand/claws (TombSpider allternative?). And on the left you can see two turret bases I will be using as artillery for my home rules game.

I'm pretty chuffed with the 'Romel' hover tank model and nicely detailed hover bike from GZG. But being new in 15mm models and this being the first time I've seen one close too, I have to take my hat of to the OldCrow Goana model that has a satisfyingly solid/chunky sci-fi feel to it.

And lastly the OldCrow dropship...

It's a simple model but a very nice one at that. It's a lot bigger than I thort as you can see on the group photo. The general body is pretty solid and has large surfases for glue to adear to but however the wings are another issue. I don't think I will be trying to pin them or add bridge pieces but I will make my own wings like the the ones on my 2 second moke up below (sorry for my shadow being in the pic...).

Yours sincerly,


vendredi 18 mars 2011

Still in the race...

Not much to show. I've got some stuff done this week, mainly painting my British FOW army.I'll be posting some pictures soon...
On a side note, I made some simple terrain from barnicles found on the beach. The general idea is to paint them purple-ish. It's a little difficult to make out the size, the largest is roughly 25x12cm. I must remember to put a coin or figure for the size !

Thats all folks!


dimanche 13 mars 2011

Better late than never

Well I have been busy but I just haven't got round to posting...

So last week I got a little play testing done with my friend. Again I want to change the rules quite a bit to make it more fluid and tactical. When I've got it closer to the finished product I'll post the rules in English. What would be great is for someone else to test the rules 'cold' to get a better Idea.

I allso found time to finish my mamoth.

I'll try to get an army picture at some time in the future, but don't hold your breath.

I've allso started some sci-fi scenary that I shall be sharing shortly. So untill then !


vendredi 4 mars 2011

Less haste more speed

Well I've got the big guy painted but am quite unhappy with him.Over all, he looks too brown and red so I'm going to add some details were I can and maybe vary the colour scheem a little. I'll be posting some pictures of him soon.  I am allso planing on some home grown rules for him as he is uturly useless on papper as I have allready mentioned.

I do however have a couple of quik shots from the game test from last week. Please realise that this is only early days and none of my forces are wet painted.
As you can see the idea of the game is to use small forces (6 man teams), some special units and vehicles. I'm having difficulty still, in balancing vehicles versus infantry. I shall take some more picks during the next game and explain some basic macaniks soon.