vendredi 4 mars 2011

Less haste more speed

Well I've got the big guy painted but am quite unhappy with him.Over all, he looks too brown and red so I'm going to add some details were I can and maybe vary the colour scheem a little. I'll be posting some pictures of him soon.  I am allso planing on some home grown rules for him as he is uturly useless on papper as I have allready mentioned.

I do however have a couple of quik shots from the game test from last week. Please realise that this is only early days and none of my forces are wet painted.
As you can see the idea of the game is to use small forces (6 man teams), some special units and vehicles. I'm having difficulty still, in balancing vehicles versus infantry. I shall take some more picks during the next game and explain some basic macaniks soon.


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