samedi 1 septembre 2012

Well ! I have now got the internet again ! yeah !

That said, one of the main reasons I haven't added any stuff is the lack of wargaming in general. This I'm hoping will change soon , september fingers crossed, because my main wargaming buddy has mooved nealy two hours away. Now I know that might seem like sodd all to americans but to most europeens thats a fair distance.
I'm posting some pictures from a recent Gruntz game. I have to say I'm not realy feeling Gruntz and am awaiting th 1.1 rules, I'm still trying because I like a lot of thing about it (especialy the comunity).
I'm painting up an Alkemy force at the moment ''Albion'' of corse and will post pictures of that project too.
I'm painting a 15mm beastman army too but that just for the hell of it because I've no ruleset or person to play against :(

Anyway here are the photos for now and I'll be updating this blog pretty soon.

The table
 The table again !
 Kevin, my wargaming buddy
 His flying aliens atack my not so well placed MG team
 Close up of some figs
His queen destroys one of three objectives, in this case a generator