lundi 8 août 2011


Since finishing Embeded by Dan Abnett I've gone on to The Lost Fleet by Jack Cambell and have quite enjoyed the series (six of them in all). It's easy, morish and has quite a lot of ideas that are very interesting relative to starship battles an tactics. I'd recomend it to any body that like military sci-fi.

On the modeling front, I've been slightly busy basing and priming. I've allso added a small Mech to my colection. Here are the photos:

Mech made using,  At-43 red block walker + GZG tank barrel (right arm) + Plaster board screw (left arm) + FOW ladder and top hatch (left side and top)

Other view of Mech

Undercoated minis

I'm still not shure wich army to put the mech with. I don't think he suits the UNSC guys from GZG, so I'm thinking of puting him with the controll batalion from Khurasan Miniatures. Till then it will be a mercanary Mech. I'll try to get them painted soon !