lundi 28 février 2011


Well, not much of note has happened over the last few days. I've had a couple of games with my friend and am having difficulty balancing vehicles versus infantry... I'm thinking of restructuring the turn sequences from LotR style turns to an action point system relying on unit activation. Not that has much to do with my problem but I find play too linear.  And when I've finished the English version I'll try to put it up on the blog and then do a french translation.
We were very lucky this weekend, the weather was great !


mardi 22 février 2011

A mamoth undertaking.

Well I've got some work done over the last weekend for my WFB WOC army. I don't realy have a plan for this army, it's more of a general idea and a classic one at that. My theme is nordic chaos worriors but I don't want to invest too much time and effort as WFB is more of a passetime than a passion. So I'm diping my army and staying simple on the colour scheem. Bronze armor with red clothing and blue for magic stuff like disks and sorcerers. I do like to be a bit different thow so I have been working on a war mamoth mainly just to show off but allso for some fun games using the FW rules. I say fun games because I can't honestly see it geting thrue the first two turns against any army with even a little shooting and the less than glorius 8th edition rules. To go with the theme I want to use smaller mamoths as chariots. I allready have two chariots but these can be used as classic chariots or fiddle around with them a bit and call them as war shrines.  I only have one small one and am looking for more.

Here is a size comparison and chariot base size comparison.

And the big guy.

 I've used a really big elefant toy for the body. The head was reard up so I sliced a large triangle out of the throte and wired it in place. The fur is sinthetic and baught pretty cheap from a matereal shop and I used large string to hold it in place with the help from some waterd down glue. I've placed the string so it looks like it's holding down the Howdah.

I then made the Howdah from cofee sticks pinched on a chanel ferry. I had some plastic chain from a spawn figure and used it for the head plate and trofee stache to make him have a bit of a history as a giant killer.

 Green stuff was used to fill gaps in the trunk were I cut a piece out to make it lower. The originak tusks have been cut of and placed further back and larger ones sculpted around an armature. Various other detailing was allso done to bring it all together.

I'll be painting it soon.....


dimanche 20 février 2011

The big dip.

 This is Ollie signing in !

Firstly I am sorry if there are any spelling mistakes as I live in France and have never studied english at school and I can't find how to change the spellcheck into english...
Well this is hopefully the first of many posts. I have been thinking of creating a wargaming blog for quite a while as I am a big fan of many blogs out there, such as 'Dropship Horizon' and 'Matakishis Tea House'. Now I don't pretend that I will create anything as interesting but I will try my best.
The real motivation to start this blog has been my interest over the past few weeks in 15mm sci-fi gaming. After having motivated my best friend to help me develop my rules and several play tests we have something that has potential. The rules are called ''15mm Sci-fi Rules!'', not the most catchy of titles but acuarate at least. I am using Ground Zero Games New Isralies and UNSC figures to represent the two main factions and will be posting pictures of both my modeling, painting and games.
Well inuf of promesis I shall now have to deliver.