dimanche 20 février 2011

The big dip.

 This is Ollie signing in !

Firstly I am sorry if there are any spelling mistakes as I live in France and have never studied english at school and I can't find how to change the spellcheck into english...
Well this is hopefully the first of many posts. I have been thinking of creating a wargaming blog for quite a while as I am a big fan of many blogs out there, such as 'Dropship Horizon' and 'Matakishis Tea House'. Now I don't pretend that I will create anything as interesting but I will try my best.
The real motivation to start this blog has been my interest over the past few weeks in 15mm sci-fi gaming. After having motivated my best friend to help me develop my rules and several play tests we have something that has potential. The rules are called ''15mm Sci-fi Rules!'', not the most catchy of titles but acuarate at least. I am using Ground Zero Games New Isralies and UNSC figures to represent the two main factions and will be posting pictures of both my modeling, painting and games.
Well inuf of promesis I shall now have to deliver.



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