lundi 9 mai 2011

More terrain

I've got a bit of spare time at the moment so I've been trying to get some ideas and previusly started stuff out the way. A while back I picked up some driftwood on the beach thinking it would make great rocky outcrops. The advantages of making rocks like this are pretty good as it's free, extremly light and needs no work apart from painting. The only disandvantage is that it's a litle flaky, to try and remedy this I've put a ton of puraty seal on it to try an bind it a little. Anyway here's the progress...

Bark with just primer

Finished overall pic with my alien egg/rocks

As you can see I've started a couple of other terrain pieces, a chem lake and a generator/pumping station. I'll post some more pictures of those when there finished. I'm waiting for GZG to start taking orders again as the last time I ordered I forgot to get some doors. So all my industrial stuff is waiting in a box as I don't want to start assembly and end up with a load of half built stuff with nowere to store it.


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