vendredi 5 octobre 2012

Alkemy, Avaloniens and varnish...

I've only played Alkemy once with my friend at a games show at Nice (France) and that was the year it came out. Well a few years have gone by and me and my friend have decided to start playing seeing as we enjoyed it a lot and it was quite cheap (very important). So we both made a pact to finish them before summers end and I nearly got there, only a couple of weeks out...
So, I finaly finished them, but not without some tears along the way.
I've made quite an effort painting theses even if I did use Quik dip. My time was mainly spent thinking about a colour scheem and STICKING with it and of corse in painting them.
I went for white and green to give them a puritanical/crusade look and ground them in the mossy/northen climate.
I touched them up a bit after diping aswell just to make ereas pop a bit and then I varnished them.... And then  came very close to smashing them all out of rage because my spray decided to do a matter than mat finish, a kind of frosty effect when drying. After calming down a bit and walking away I went over them in some areas and am just going to live with it.
I based them in my favorite way, grey rock and green grass.

There are a couple of none Alkemy figures in there, a Bretonian sorceres standing (quite lovely) in for Caelina and an old Empire ( I think ) GW figure standing in for Questing Knight.

That meens that I'm still missing afew figures to complete a full cilection but it's not a bad start and certanly enough to start playing.

The photos:

 Full groupe



 Back left

The chief

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