vendredi 2 novembre 2012

A friends Alkemy warband

Here are some pictures taken by my friend of his nearly finished warband. There are several, a total of three I think painting procedures used to paint them. I think they have come off realy well and are looking better and better. The 'lanceurs de ruches' and heros beeing the last look realy good but don't get me rong they all look good to me !
I haven't realy talked about the fluff in Alkemy but I rather like it. My Avalonians are rather ruthless and agressive and have a medevil english look to them. The Aurlok are rather strange because they look a little like orcs but when looked at closely are based on toads, bulls, wolves and crows. They are rather peacefull and have a culture not unlike American Indians.


 Totem worrior

Lanceur de ruche 


 Guerrier loup

And what way but a good dance around the fire to show the off !

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