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Gruntz Campaign (English)

Some may have read a large part of this text on the Gruntz forum but to those who haven't here is my way to encourage my local gaming club to get into Gruntz. But first I would like to thank the people on the forum that helped me, thank you. I've tried to put together a campaign setting that will start small and encourage players to at least give Gruntz a go.

I’m going for a decline of humanity, fall of an empire style theme. The empire of man and it’s many different factions have spread amongst the stars and colonised, enslaved and wiped out whole wolds in the name of profit, gods and because well.... because they could.
The end of humanity is near, the first rebelions have started as humanity has over stretched and is not just one block but thousands of factions going from happy understanding currious humans like in star trek, to bloodthirsty religious freaks like the blood pact (read Dan Abbnet 40k) with intermediatry Avatar style colonists that have no interest in alien freaks as long as they don’t get in their way.

This basicly means that people in my gaming group can play what they want, wich is very important. We will make a chart to make it easyer knowing the next oponent. If a player misses two gaming sessions he must forfeit and the oposing player gains 20pts (I have to do this as it’s a gaming group).

Each player must play each scenario against two different players minimum.
To begin with all forces are small rebel faction that will gain in strenth over time. 

They will start off around this size :

100pts :
1-3 squads
1-3 infantry vehicles (APC’s)
1-2 light (anti infantry) infantry support vehicle
0-1 heavy (anti tank)

_Only one perk per unit is alowed when creating units. But each victory allows you to spend points on allready existing units (infantry or vehicle) to boost them by one perk at a time (two max).

_All gruntz units that have survived a game (>50% of that unit) may add 1 level to one of there stat lines. This is including the fact that you can boost them with perks bought with points.

_If a player has  25% more army points his oponent may choose one infantry unit and remove it from the game. They are sick, late or watever but there just not there (I hope this evens it out a little but I’m not sure).

Players get all units back at the end of a game. 

If not too unlucky players should get easily 10 to 20pts per game. Plus they can bank as much as they want and can spend after each game (hopfully the 25% rule will calm it a little). Two games per scenario with 5 scenarios, thats 9 games per player.


_The bigining : 6 turns. When playing this scenario players take in turn to be the defending player. The defending player has one infantry unit remooved as per the 25% rule. He must defend an objective placed in the midle of his deployment zone as close to the attaking player as possible (half way along the deployment line). The attacking player must reach the objective and hack a terminal to dissable interstellar coms (skill test), if succesfull the game ends. 10pts per objective marker + 20pts for the terminal objective.

_Build me an army : 6 turns. Meeting of minds scenario from rulebook p.67 with a twist. In the middle of the table is a small outpost with a mech worth 30pts. The normal count of 4 objective markers is now two and the meck acts as a 30pts objective marker (total of 50pts on the table).

_Cut off the head and… : This scenario is played with only two objective points that are each worth 50pts. Only the oposing objectives may be won and only with the HQ. So that means that the objective marker you controll may not be kept but must be deffended.

_Aces always high: 6 turns. Meeting of minds again but with the playing cards rules. This should add a little spice to the game and some change.

_Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning (longest scenario name ever ! yeah!):
He who laughs last scenario from the Gruntz rulebook p.71. This scenario is played by all four players (2vs.2) in as best way to even out overall points.

Each Saturday a new event will be given till next Saturday, so all games played untill then are subject to the that weeks event.

Events 2D6:

2_Creepy planet : Whenever a unit takes no action during a turn it has time to look at it’s surouding and panick, roll 1D6, on a 4+ they become supressed.

3_Earthquakes : Gruntz rule book p.57

4_Dissentry : At the bigining of the game all infantry units must make a condition brown;Dtest and if failed exit the table.

5_Fuel : Before a vehicle moves roll 1D6, on a 6 that vehicle is imoberlised for the duration of the game.

6-8_ Strong weather patterns: see weather table

9_Propaganda : After deployment each player selects one opposition unit which has become 'unsure of his moral standing' and reduces their Mental by 1D3 levels for the whole game

10-11_Mislocated ammo drop: Add one 15pts objective marker in the center of the table.

12_ Nothing. Sir !
Yes . Sir! It's a good day to die. Sir !

Weather 1D6:
1,2_ Torential rain/dust strom : Gruntz rule book p.57
3_High winds : Gruntz rule book p.57
4_Tornados/plasma storms : Gruntz rule book p.57
5_Night fight: Fog and mist rule p. 57
6_Magnetic interference: At the end of each turn roll 1D6, on 6 the magnetics dissipate. -3 to all weapons attacks from vehicles and power armor.

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