samedi 17 novembre 2012

Gruntz Planetary Control Force 0.1

Here is my latest forray into Gruntz.
So far, I've got, a comander in power armour, 3 squads with heavy weapon attachment, a medic, two light mechs and two personel carriers. The figures remind me of the planetery control soldiers in Dan Abnett's series of books. In some of the books we visit planets under control of chaos ground forces and there discription makes me think of these guys. So I thort I'dd roll with it.

Group photo. 

My squads with heavy weapon and comanders. 

Comander in power armour. 

Close up of my comander and I've tried to show what I tried to achieve with the green stuff. 

Not sure if I'me going if I'm going to do anything else with these. Maybe opticals like the foot soldiers.

Medic and comander. 

Personel cariers. 

I've tried to make a rocket turet (not yet finished) just to add a little more choice. They are made from the arms remooved from the mechs.

More soon. Keep posted.

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