lundi 25 avril 2011

Stuff got done...

Well I never seem to get done what I want but at least it's progress.
Of late, I've been working on a paint scheme for one of my sci-fi factions. Looking for a alien planet slash urban look and I'm quite happy with the outcome.

The Old Crow models are great and I love them! I have modified them slightly to look a little more like what you see in a modern army (support turret, side armor). I find the Ground Zero Games APCs rather small to be quite honest, especially compared to Old Crow models that seem to be more what one expects the size to be. There size seems to be more on par with a Bren carrier style vehicle, so that is probably what they will end up being, some sort of armored reconnaissance vehicle. So I will be ordering some APC's from Old Crow to replace them.

I even added on some side panel armor like on a Panzer_IV or the griding on Striker,Worrior, Leclerc... and a support weapon looking for that Black hawk down feel.

Here's another shot.

And here are the Ground Zero Games APCs.

I'll be posting about some FOW scenery soon...


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