samedi 30 avril 2011

Normandy feels a little closer.

I've been working on my Sci-fi home rules mostly of late but have found some time for my little Normandy village. Any way here is the progress:

The Manor

The village, Manor and three varius country style houses.

The houses were purchased at my local flee market and are from some sort of ''Village houses of France ' thing. Well France beeing rather eclectic climate and history wise meens that the houses range from roman style tiled roofs to tall Norman slate roofs and various other thatched roofs. I tried to greenstuff some slate onto the roman tile but it looked just rong and was extreemly fidly. The hole point of bying the houses was to make my life easer so I'm just going to repaint them and hopfully the colour scheem will hide the architectural differences.
I'll be posting progress soon.


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