dimanche 24 juillet 2011

Gruntz 1.0

Not much done on the modeling front this week I'm afraid. I haven't had much time to work on my rule set latly and have come to realise that gruntz is not only a well made and well published game but also pretty close to what I was aiming for and had developed so I'm going with gruntz.

I've baught and printed it out and realy like what I see. I have wet to play test it but from what I can see and have read it seems complex enough to make it interesting but not to complicated ( a couple of sheets of tokens would have been good).And its great to have followed something from the bigining like much of the 15mm Sci-fi comunity. So well done to Robin and the gruntz comunity! I hope to convert my french friends to gruntz as soon as possible !


2 commentaires:

  1. I'm waiting the v 1.1 to start to play....argh 2 or 3 weeks to wait....

  2. Yep, me too! I'm looking forward to that release.