mercredi 20 juillet 2011

Dropship ahoy !

Well I just tried to post an article about this earlier and my computer bugged and deleted the post. I was a little cross to say the least...

So here I go again!

When I was last in England I purchased a Clone Wars dropship that was on sale. I wanted to buy three but my girlfriend pointed out that I didn't actualy know what to do with them, or where to put them so I'm sorry to say I capitulated...

It's not a bad kit at all. It's pre-painted, pretty much 15mm scale,  easy to assemble and comes with a flight stand! Is that all you say?
Well, yeah but thats not bad... Is it?

Here are the pics:

Front view

Rear view

Dynamic view

Sorry again for the pic quality, I hope to change that soon.


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